Sunday, April 14, 2013

Exciting news!!

I'm pregnant!

Just kidding!! :)  Sienna took her first steps tonight!  She went back and forth to me and LT probably 30 times. She was so proud of herself.  She even stopped halfway thru to do a little dance at times!  There may or may not of been a couple tears from the parents.  Our little girl is growing up!!!

Here is the proof:

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Loud mouth

Do you have a child that doesn't know what indoor voices are like?  Because I do.  Sienna has been so LOUD lately.  In grocery stores, outside and in my ear!  I think she is discovering her voice but how do you explain to a 1 year old what it means to be quiet? 

Late post - Easter

Easter was AMAZING this year.  We could not of ask for better weather this weekend!  It really was great to spend time with family and soak up some vitamin D!

Sienna actually slept in until 6:45AM on Sunday which was an added bonus!  She went downstairs and found her Easter basket and began her hunt for the eggs in the house.  I wish we could of taped it because she got so into it!  We actually had to take eggs out of her basket when she wasn't looking and hide more.  She loved it!

We then went to the Ostrom Easter Breakfast.  Had some homemade delicious cinnamon rolls made by cousin Rachel, along with some quiche and ham and ended with bomb apple crisp!  We enjoyed the food outside in the sunshine!

Off to the Turners for Easter dinner!  We started with some early season signature Citrus Coolers made by Linda.  Perfect for the warm day!  We sat outside in the backyard enjoying the warm weather while Sienna napped.  When she woke up and saw all the Easter eggs outside she couldn't wait for her cousins Dylan and Alex to get there she had to start immediately.  It was so funny to watch her scurry around the yard pointing and oohing and ahhhing when she would notice a new egg.  It was so fun! 

We are still playing Easter egg hunt at our house and it takes a good 20 minutes off the day!  She loves to find them hidden around the house! 

Happy Easter to everyone!  I hope yours was as good as ours was.