Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cougar Football Saturday

We are definitely a coug family!  Sienna has really embraced the cougar love in our household. 

Gotta start them young learning the fight song!

Here is some snapshots from a couple of the cougar football Saturdays!

UMMM do I have a teenager already??

Friday, September 27, 2013

More summertime fun!

*Disclaimer* Ok so this post was supposed to be from the beginning of September and I am just getting around to it...

This girl is having a pretty darn good summer.  I mean we couldn't have a better summer for her to enjoy!  I am not sure what we are going to do in the winter when she won't be able to play outside as much.  I find myself savoring every moment we have with all the new and exciting adventures that she is experiencing.  It has been truly amazing! Here are some pics from one of the best summers ever:
Lounging by the pool in Chelan

The Vail Household - Manson, WA

Hugs for auntie Kimmy

Too much fun, sometime you gotta nap

Put in some major sprinkler time

Enjoying the Kirkland Wednesday market

visiting mommy at work

Helping daddy make banana bread

playing at Kirkland Summerfest

A trip to Megan's cabin

first boat ride

lunch with mom

playtime with Briggs

Seeing if she has what it takes to be a surfer girl

more sprinklers!

liking baby James

not wanting baby James to touch her hand

playing at the park

At auntie Steph's cabin with baby Ady

More park time


Evergreen State Fair - Pig Races




 Girl did it all!