Thursday, March 20, 2014

Oh Heeeyooo!!!

Forgot to blog about this little number...

SEAHAWKS WON THE SUPERBOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YES, yes they did!!!!

It was quite perfectly the best day.  We woke up to a blue skied, sunshiney day in February.  People all over town were geared up in their hawks attire, businesses were covered with hawks signs, and it felt like the game was here at Century Link the way traffic was filled with Seahawk fans!!!  We were very worried that we might not be able to go to a superbowl party because Sienna tends to nap from about 1 or 2 to 3 or 4.  But on this day we went and walked the Kirkland waterfront early in the morning and got the girl real tired and she fell asleep at 11AM.(I have a feeling she knew she needed to sleep early)  She woke up right at 1:30PM enough time for her to have a little lunch and wakeup before we headed over to the Houtrouws.  We arrived promptly at 3:10PM, right before kick off.  Things were just gelling today and that is just how our Seahawks played too!  From the first play of the game  (turnover by the Broncos which resulted in a 2 point safety)to the first play of the 2nd half (Harvin running the kickoff back for a touchdown!) all both in the first 12 seconds (shoutout to the 12th man!) the Seahawks purely dominated the Broncos.  In the end bringing home the Lombardi trophy with a winning score of 43-8.  It was a magical day and I will never forget the fun it was all season to watch our team become the best in the NFL. 

Seattle hosted a Seahawk Championship parade and I kid you not there were a million people in the heart of the city watching our team and cheering them on in the sunny 25 degree day!  It was a perfect ending to a magical season.  So proud to be from Seattle!  Go Hawks!

Here are some pictures leading up to the big game.  We always had to wear the same outfits for the playoff games and it worked!

Hawks v. Saints
Hawks v. 49ers - Infamous defensive tip from Sherman to secure the Hawks into the Super Bowl
Super Bowl Sunday

Celebration Station!

You mad bro?

Seattle Seahawks Championship Parade