Tuesday, November 25, 2014

55th St School

Sienna started Preschool this year for the first time.  She is going to Grandma O's school, 55th St School...where I went when I was little!  It has come full circle.  The first month of school was trying to say the least.  She was a perfect angel at school but when she was home she was on a whole new level of angry and it was tantrum central in our house! 

She would have a fit if:

  • she wants apple juice
  • she wants to listen or watch Frozen
  • she wants the music louder..no louder.  Louder mommy!!!!
  • her seat belt is too tight
  • she wants me to hold her for 24 hours straight
  • she would only wear her cowgirl boots, even on 90 degree days
  • she wants to dress herself...ok see you in an hour
  • she only wants to wear "pretty dresses" (we are running out of dresses and it is getting colder)
  • if I look at her
  • if LT looks at her
  • if she can't go see Sienna Mae (this is a big one!)
  • if she can't see Ashleigh or Aliya
  • if she can't see Hankie Dog
  • she wouldn't eat and if we try to give her bites she throws her food
All of these things result in a kicking, screaming, crying, tantrum.  You know...the fun stuff!
Here is a sample of what it was like:
BUT!!!  Since that fateful first month she has turned it around and has been GREAT!  She doesn't totally love school YET but she likes it and knows that she gets to see Grandma a couple of times a day which is a bonus.  And every other Thursday is dance class which she absolutely LOVES!!!  I am so thankful that we have such a great school to take her too and that she is branching out of her comfort zone and making new friends.  Here are some pictures that the teachers send to me throughout the day.  We have our parent teacher conference next week so let's hope that she gets good reviews and so do we...but hey, we know the boss so we better get a good review! ;).

Sienna's friend Nadia

Pumpkin Patch Field trip.  Grandma got to come!

Who is driving this thing!

Rainy day recess

Always wearing a princess dress up

DANCE Class!  Her favorite!