Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Neighbor Boy

A lot of people in the world do not like their neighbors but for us in our little neighborhood we DO like our neighbors...a lot.  We could not of picked a better neighborhood full of kiddos of all ages and friendly adults. Just last year a family up the street moved in and guess what?  They have a daughter named Sienna, who has blonde hair, has the same clothes as our Sienna and who is Sienna's age!!  I cannot wait to watch S squared grow up together!

Ok back to the subject of this post.  Across the street there is a boy named Carter, he is in 2nd grade and pretty much knows everyone in the neighborhood and everyone in the neighborhood knows Carter.  A couple months ago we found out that his family is going to move to Chicago. :(  To the neighborhood this was sad news because we think of Carter as the glue who always can make people smile and stop and think about the little things.

Ever since Sienna was a baby Carter and his older sister Campbell would always bring Sienna presents on random occasions or if they had outgrown a toy they would give it to her.  On Christmas Day we got a knock on the door and they had bought her a present.  They are the sweetest kids, like truly the sweetest.  When Sienna was learning to talk she could only say a few words but Carter was one of them.  He gave her a book that he got at Dairy Queen.  Every time we pull the book out she says "Carta book". 

When we first moved in Carter was always knocking on our door asking if we needed any weeding done, car washed, sweeping or he was selling something that he found around the neighborhood.  We live next to a greenbelt and one time he took out some weeds/plants that were about as tall as him and set up shop in front of his house...selling these said weeds/plants for $5 each.  A steal!  You got to admire him for his drive to earn money.

Here are some Carterisms :):

LT do you know why I don't eat applesauce? Because it looks like snake poop

So what do you think of my camo? (wearing camo crocs)

You gotta watch out for those Prius cars, they are real quiet. Just trying to make the neighborhood a safer place.

Hey Amanda, you should really get to know the lady next door. She is really nice.  She lets me weed and gives me money or pays me with purple beans.  Sienna could take over since I am leaving.

You probably shouldn't let Sienna eat candy. It causes heart cancer

LT What is your real name? Loren
I gave myself a long name...it's Mustang. It's great because I love the cars AND the horses.
(same conversation) LT how old are you? 33
You don't really act like it

(Carter, myself, and Sienna walking up a path near our house) Make sure that you don't step off the trail and into the holes. I did once and got bit by a snake and oh! don't touch any of the branches.
(Same trail)  If you notice that the sun is starting to go down JUST a little bit get down the trail as fast as you can because it gets really dark.

(knock on our front door) Can I lay in your yard? (Wearing only shorts, crocs, goggles and carrying a sled).  The sun isn't in my yard anymore.

Man is our neighborhood going to be boring when he leaves!  We are sure going to miss them and especially all the intellectual conversations with Carter.  I was really hoping to see that kid grow up across the street.  I have a feeling that when Sienna is older and we make a trip to Chicago and go to a Cubs game we will run into Carter.  He will be the one wearing swim shorts, camo crocs and no shirt.  

So long neighbor boy, this neighborhood is going to miss you like crazy!!  Please come back and visit A LOT.

Here is our tribute to Carter...
He is a good sport letting the girls of the neighborhood dress him up

Then he really struck a pose

taking notes on how to become a Coug...good kid

Always so sweet to Sienna

Selling "ice packs" door to door on a hot day

Sienna loved it!

the were really just frozen oranges

he carried them in the Easter basket with ice on the bottom

playing catch with S while all the other kids are running around the neighborhood

entertaining the moms on mother's day

he thought we might like some of the cake he got his mom

creating games

what he did with the leftover cake

loving the sprinkler

after one drop of rain he ran inside and came out looking like this
He is also great at gymnastics

pool parties all day every day


Every Tuesday

Every Tuesday morning while eating breakfast Sienna hears the Garbage truck coming down our street.  Her face lights up and she puts her hand to her ear and says "garbig truck mommy!".  We have to immediately stop eating and run to the window so that we can see the truck picking up our trash.  She seriously loves it! 

Thursday, May 1, 2014


Hey you know that movie Finding Nemo?  Well we have been watching it everyday for the last month.  This kid is lucky that both her mom and dad like Disney movies. 

In the morning at breakfast: "Nemo mommy?"
In the middle of playing in the play room: "Nemo mommy?"
At dinner: "Nemo mommy?"
In the car: "Nemo mommy?"

You get the idea.  Can't wait until Finding Dori comes out and we can watch another fish movie.  I guess you could say that she is learning about sea life by watching this movie over and over again. Did you know that sea turtles can live to be 150 years old!??  Or maybe just LT and I are getting some under the sea knowledge.

Anyway...oh wait Sienna is asking me a question.

"Nemo Mommy?"

Our little fishy!