Monday, April 30, 2012

Night out

Last Saturday LT and I had a night out...or about 3 hours away from Sienna for the first time.  We enjoyed every single bit of it with a glass of Sangria for me and a couple margaritas for LT!  We went out for Andrew's birthday and it was so much fun.  It was a little weird saying goodbye as 20 of our friends left heading out to the bars....but we were so excited to get back to see our little girl. 

How could you not miss this face!

See you next time Margaritas....

Friday, April 20, 2012

My favorite

My favorite time of the day with Sienna is when LT leaves for work and he brings Sienna to me in bed. This is our snuggle time. We will snuggle together for hours and I love it!  This is such a special time with my precious baby girl. She sleeps on my chest and it is the best feeling in the world. It is these moments that make me never want to go back to work and to keep her this size forever. Love you mucho my little sweetie pie.
iPhone pic is a little blurry :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I did it!

3 days and 2 nights alone and I did it!  While LT was off at 5th grade camp, Sienna and I were two girls out on the town.  We did a lot!  Grandma T came over, we went to Diva Janelle's, we walked the lake with Lily and Ali, we watched Meet the Parents and we had some lunch visitors to keep us company.  All in all I think we did all right!  But we were sooo glad that dad came home because we were REALLY tired by Wednesday.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sienna's BFF

I love our dates with Beav and Briggs each week. Meghan and I get to chat about everything under the sun and mommahood. Briggs thinks Sienna is boring because he always falls asleep on her except on thier first date, Sienna zonked out (she was playing hard to get). But I understand why Briggs falls asleep, Sienna probably talks too much plus he is outnumbered 3 to 1 in the lady department. He probably fakes sleeping so he doesn't have to join in on the conversations.

they were so tiny!

Sienna asking "why is Briggs sleeping?"

"I think he tooted. "  :)

Just chillin

Not sure which one is making the move but looks like they are trying to hold hands.


For Easter Sienna wore my dress from when I was a baby.  Yep, we are already sharing is awesome! :)  Now if I could just fit into this cute onsie she was wearing today.
Do we look alike?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

1 Month Old!

Happy 1 Month Old Miss Sienna!

Dear Baby Girl,

You are 1 month old today and you are totally perfect.  Here are some things that you have been doing over the past month...
  • You were born during the month of March and it was perfect timing for me and your daddy to watch all the March Madness Basketball games
  • You told me to pick Kentucky to go all the way and they did!  Good job!
  • You have been to a wedding reception
  • You walked Greenlake, well not you personally, but you walked with me in the Ergo
  • You love being in your Ergo
  • You have had all sorts of weather during the month of March.  Snow, rain, hail, wind, sun.  You like the sun the best
  • You also love laying in only your diaper on your changing table.  You can stay like this forever. 
  • You can kick like no other...when you get going you really move.  Future USA Soccer star!
  • You like looking in the mirror. are so cute
  • You have peed on me
  • You have peed in your face because daddy had your legs up and you did not like that at ALL.
  • You have peed AND pooped on your daddy.  Mommy liked this the best :)
  • You like your baths 3/4 of the time
  • You have had probably 7,346 visitors
  • You make that funniest faces and each one is so different
  • You are our little squeaker and if you are sleeping and we move you, you squeak in disapproval
  • You SMILE and we love it.  You smiled in your first gifted. :)
  • You love your swing
  • You sort of love tummy time...for about 1 minute
  • You are so long and lean and you have the most elegant hands but you do have some long feet!
  • You made chocolate chip cookies with me and Grandma O
  • Your neck is really strong and you can hold your head up
  • You only have one pair of socks that will stay on your skinny legs
  • You are still wearing only about 5 things out of your wardrobe because you are so small they are the only things that will fit!
  • You LOVE when the grandparents visit
  • Sometimes you will sleep for 4 hours in a row at night and mommy and daddy love those nights
  • Other nights you will only sleep 2 1/2- 3 hours mommy and daddy really don't like those nights
  • You already have a best friend.  His name is Briggs and you get to see him weekly.
  • You have been to IKEA, Costco, and all the main grocery stores
  • You like when I sing "You are my sunshine"
  • You already like Jack Johnson
  • You like certain binky's and take a bottle
  • You are starting to get a little double chin so your Aunt Jamie will love you!
  • You like posing with your hands and grandpa T thinks you will direct planes because of your hand signals
  • You like to snuggle
  • You like our bed
Your 1 month stats:
Weight- 8 bls 3 oz (25%) Yay!!  You are gaining weight!
Length- 22 inches (75-90%)
Head Circumference 14 1/4 inches (25-50%)

We are so happy your are a healthy growing girl.  Now please stop growing so fast so we can enjoy your smallness for a little longer.

We love you to the moon and back!!!

At first you didn't like having your picture taken

Please excuse my dark circles under my eyes...I don't sleep

Daddy Loves you and doesn't want to go back to work

Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Birth Story...

Ok here we go...

The short story is I was in labor for 22 hours and 9 cm dialated and then they said it would be best for me and baby to have a c-section and at 12:32 AM March 4, 2012 Sienna Hope Turner made her appearance!

Here is the long story... :)
So Friday night LT and I went to a nice dinner at Paradiso in Kirkland and then came home for a movie night (New Moon).  We weren't sure when we would have another night like this for awhile and we were right.  We went to bed at midnight and at 2AM my water broke.  I was having braxton hicks for a couple of days but I still wasn't sure that I would have my little princess early!  I woke LT up and he was shocked and a little disoriented.  So I finished packing my hospital bag and took a shower.  The contractions were pretty strong already and so at around 4:30AM we called the hospital and told them we were coming in.  We checked into the hospital around 5 AM and were ready to rock.  I was only 1 1/2cm so they started pitocin to speed up the process....then fast forward to 2PM and me wanting the Epidural and by wanting I mean demanding.  So the nurse calls it in and we wait and wait and then the nurse gets real POed and is yelling for someone to get me my epidural!  Because this pain is no messing around.  The anesthesiologist was a half hour late...not fun.  And let me just say that I like people to be careful when they are messing with my spine but this guy took his sweet little time being very deliberate with every little band aid and piece of tape.  Would you just stick that needle in my back please?!?! :)  Finally after all is said and done, he is leaving and I yell to him "I love you!!!".  We became best friends.  Thank you Epidural God!  Now fast forward to 15 hours of labor and not a ton of progress and all our family waiting for us in the waiting room WAITING and waiting and waiting.  This is now dinner time and I am still uncomfortable and hoping that I would of had this baby girl by now!  Cue nurse walking in to my room.
Nurse says: "In all my 10 years here I have never had to do this." 
Me thinking...what the heck can be the problem now!! 
Nurse says: "We have had a bomb threat and I need to do a sweep of your room to make sure that there is nothing unusual in here." 
Me thinking...Ummm are you serious?!?!?  I have been here waaaaaaay to long for me to move...I will go up with this bomb and the hospital.
Meanwhile the dads and my brother went to get everyone else in the waiting room dinner and are not being let into the hospital due to this bomb threat.  So about an hour later we are all clear and everyone is in the hospital safe and sound AND I am STILL in labor. 
Finally it is now in my 18th hour of labor and I decide to get a fever.  Yeah awesome. Then they start to give me (*evil) antibiotics to make sure I don't pass on an infection to my baby and that I am going to be ok.  Now fever is gone and I am really feeling the pressure and I am so ready to push this baby out and 9 cm dilated.  Doc comes in at around 11:30PM and says that he thinks for the safety of me and the baby we should do a c-section.  I really could of used this information about 10 hours ago.  But I totally understand that he really wanted me to have this baby naturally.  So they start to prep me for the big c-section.  The wheel me into the all white freezing room and the anesthesiologist starts to give me the drugs.  The docs are ready to get the baby out and start asking if I can feel the pinch...I say yes and they are like ok let's get started.  HOLD UP!  I said yes I can feel the pinch!!  Anesthesiologist tells them to hold up as well so she can give me some more drugs.  Finally they cut me open.  So for all you c-section mamas out there...why didn't you tell me that you can FEEL EVERYTHING?  Holy cow I was not expecting that!  I mean it doesn't really hurt but you can feel them tugging and pulling your insides in every direction. 

Finally our little girl is born!  But not without a little drama...her umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck.  They clean her up and give her to Dad and I get to see my little girl for the first time.  So wide awake and alert!  I look to her and ask her if her name is Sienna and she turns and looks me square in the eyes and that was it!  Sienna Hope Turner...our little miracle.

We hope to make you proud baby girl.  We love you with all our heart!  You are the light of our life.
Just leaving the operating room

So alert!

Doting grandmas

*P.S. The reason for the evil antibiotics is because I broke out in a rash from head to toe and was swollen the size of Texas for about 2 weeks after giving birth.  SOOO not fun but I am on the mend and I will forever not take anything with cillin in it ever again!!!