Friday, July 12, 2013

Grandpa's Flag Ceremony

My Grandpa Ostrom was an amazing man and having this ceremony done in his honor was just as amazing.  Here is just a snippet of what he did for our country:
During the war years, Carl served as a T. Sgt. with the 607th Tank Destroyer Battalion and fought in five major battles, the Normandy Invasion, Northern France, Central Europe, Rhineland, and Ardennes (Battle of the Bulge).  He was a highly decorated soldier and was one of the very lucky ones to serve in all five of these battles and be able to return home safely. 
We all gathered at the National Cemetery to honor my Grandpa and were presented with a flag for his service.  The ceremony was emotional but I felt it was closure for my family.  My grandpa was a pretty unbelievable human being.  He did a lot of good on this earth and I hope to carry on some of his genes that he was blessed with.  Love you Grandpa and you will forever be in my heart!

How sweet is this. "Together Forever" My grandpa and grandma Ostrom