Tuesday, September 25, 2012

5 AM

Dear 5 AM,

I would prefer you to be 8 AM or even 7 AM...but 5 AM I don't think I like you.  Can you please tell Sienna that she shouldn't like you either because that is her favorite time to get up.  Sometimes she will even throw a 4:30 in there.  It actually wouldn't be that bad if she hadn't already woken up at 2AM but she does.  So let's try to make a compromise...I will go halfway and you go halfway...we will meet in the middle. DEAL?

Tired Parents who have to go to work in the morning.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Top 10 reasons you knew you were in Vegas with Cougar Fans

  1. On the plane down to Vegas from Seattle, your flight attendant says "Go Cougs!" numerous times over the planes speakers and your plane erupts with cheers!
  2. Many Alaska flights were sold out of alcohol on the way down to Vegas, some before noon.
  3. You are walking down the Vegas strip at 10AM and there are Coug fans everywhere with drinks and saying go cougs to everyone walking by.
  4. You purchase a Flava Flave Clock full of booze at 11:30AM and keep refilling it so that you are still drinking out of it at the tailgate before the 7PM game.
  5. You go to the Wazzu tailgate and DJ Goldfinger is spinning.
  6. Coug fans outnumber the UNLV fans at the stadium.
  7. The day after the game the official WSU Wet Republic pool party at the MGM is at capacity by1PM.
  8. Cabanas all around the 4 pools at the MGM had Coug Flags flying proudly and fans wearing Wazzu bikinis and board shorts.
  9. You dance your booty off like you are at 80s night at Vahalla, but really you are at PURE reliving your college dance parties.
  10. You barely make it to your plane on Sunday and notice all the Coug fans sleeping on the floor of the airport and once on the plane you don't wake up until you are touching down in Seattle.

  1. After drinking all day before the game, your hangover starts to set in UNTIL you get your photo with Bill Moos and it gives you your 2nd wind!
  2. At breakfast the day after the big victory for crimson and gray, you excuse yourself from the table to umm..., when you return no one bats an eye.
GO COUGS!!  Vegas, I can only take you once in awhile but when I am with you I have a blast!!
Thanks for a good time.  And I kinda missed you at about 1PM on Monday for about a half a second. 

But nothing could replace getting home to see my sweet little baby girl!  Best part of the trip. :)

Monday, September 17, 2012


To be continued...

But so happy to be home and see my baby!!!  Missed her like crazy!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Half a Year

My sweet baby girl is 6 months.  I still can't believe how fast she has grown.  She has been the best addition to our family and I seriously love her more and more every day.  When I leave work I am so excited to walk thru the door and see her smiling face! 

Here are some things she has been up to the last month:
  • Got your first tooth!
  • Went to your first fair (Evergreen State Fair)
  • Still can fit in her 3 month clothes but 3-6 fits best
  • Moved onto 3 diapers
  • You can sit by yourself for about 3-5 seconds
  • You scoot on your back to get to something that you want
  • You have the fastest hands and if something is close you grab it with the quickness.  I can see you as future basketball defender stealing the ball!
  • You open and close your mouth all the time because you are starting to test out your new tooth.
  • You love music and dancing
  • You are getting used to a lot loving family members taking care of you everyday.
  • You like to get up early
  • You still say momomomomoma

Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day weekend photo dump...

A walk around Greenlake

Waiting for Red Mill Burgers

So excited to eat the yummiest burgers!

Linda's first Red Mill Burger

Dancing to the WSU fight song


Showing her the Space Needle

Loves to stand

Grass on the feetsies

She thinks she is such a big girl!

Watching the waves

Our little WSU fam

2 cuties!

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Sienna had her first tooth break thru today!  It is the bottom left...I think.  Big girl, just a few days short of her 6 month birthday!!

So happy that she has been taking it like a pro and not being too fussy!