Friday, June 27, 2014

Bedtime likes

Each night before Sienna goes to sleep, we sit in her rocking chair and talk about what she liked that day.  Usually she says "lemme think about dis....mommy think about dis too!!!?!" with her finger to her chin and she doesn't give up until I put my finger to my chin and look up at the ceiling and "think about dis".  It is seriously the cutest and I love watching her think about her day.  She usually goes thru her family of what they like and like to do with her.  Pappas, Grammas, Uncles and Mommy and Daddy all get a like.

I love this tradition because hopefully it makes her go to bed with happy thoughts which turn into happy dreams. :)  I can only hope for happy sleeping longer!  Girl loves to wake up in the 5 o'clock hour!

Someone woke up happy!  #bedhead
I would never dare take a picture of her sleeping in her room because she is the lightest sleeper and a creak in the stairs makes her yell out for mommy!  So naptime photos will do.
naptime in the car


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bubbles!!!...bubbles bubbles bubbles...

Anytime we are outside you can guarantee that bubbles are involved.  Sienna is obsessed with bubbles and we have every type of bubble maker you can think of.

Bubble machine, $1 store bubbles, flavored bubbles, grape smelling bubbles, huge bubbles, baby bubbles, etc.. 

And you better believe that if you are outside with her you WILL participate in the bubble popping or blowing.  She is very strict on making sure everyone is involved. :)