Monday, January 28, 2013


We got together for Shanny's birthday this past weekend.  I love getting to together with these Pretty ladies, never a dull moment!  The second we sit down to the table we are completely oblivious to our surroundings.  We zone in on our conversation and it takes a good while before the waiter can get our attention to order.  David Beckham could walk thru the restaurant and I doubt we would notice him, well actually Carisa would because she is the most observant one in the group. :)  But we would definitely run over and take a picture and then get back to our chit chatting!  We actually had to be asked to leave our table because of the huge wait for a table...oblivious.  We just know how to have fun and TALK. :)  Love these ladies!!

See those girls in the background photobombing us??  Yes, we are oblivious. :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How to dance like Sienna

1. Start by sitting down or standing and moving your body front to back.
2. Really get into the music
3. Bow your head a bit, bobbing it just a tad
4. Put both hands in the air and wave them from here to there
5. That's it!  You are now doing the Sienna. 

It is going to be bigger than Gangnam Style...just wait!  Actually S is pretty good at that dance too!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Crawling, walking, climbing

So Sienna has been walking holding our fingers since she was like 6 months but now she is moving on her own!  She took 3 steps from Grandpa T to me and has been crawling army style all over the place.  She loves walking up and down the stairs but last night we were sitting on our landing and all of a sudden she just turned to the second flight of stairs and crawled up the stairs!!?!?!?  WHAT??  She never had tried it before and she just went ahead and crawled up the freaking stairs.  I know, I know the small things in life get me excited. :)  I guess we better start baby proofing everything!  She is learning so much, so fast lately and I am having a hard time keeping up with her!  Such a big girl! :)

this isn't Sienna but she does this.  Is it ok? I joke.  We are tying wires up as I type. :)

Thursday, January 17, 2013


2012 was one of the best and most challenging years of my life.  Here is our year in a nutshell...

January:  We got snowed in living with the parents.  Lots and lots of snow.

February: We bought our very first HOME.  I was very pregnant!!

March: We had this little girl named Sienna Hope Turner.  The sweetest little bundle that has changed our life for the better.

April:  We adjusted to being parents and doing things on no sleep.  Dad had to go back to work and I was home with the babe.  So thankful for Meghan and Briggs who kept us going thru the maternity leave months. :)

May: My first mother's day, my birthday and first M's games for Sienna!

June: LT's first father's day and Great Grandpa O's 94th bday at the M's game and welcomed Sienna's new friend Baby Violet to the world.

July: Celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary, Sienna's first trip to Cannon Beach, watched the Olympics non stop (we were addicted) and I had to go back to work full time :(.

August: Finally had our house warming party, had a nice visit with Aunt Lori and Jim in Gig Harbor, welcomed another friend of Sienna's, Baby B! and enjoyed the amazing sunny weather that we had all summer!

September: Celebrated LT's birthday, went to Vegas (first time away from the babe) for the Cougar football game and went to 2 weddings, (Dior & Ryan and Dennis & Callie), and welcomed 2 more of Sienna's friends Adelyn and Tucker.

October: Enjoyed 2 pumpkin patches, dressed Sienna up as a kitty cat for her first Halloween and she also took her first road trip to Spokane for Jamie and Kalen's engagement party.

November: Took our first flight with Sienna to Maui for Thanksgiving with the Turners, Ostroms, and Morrisons.  She LOVED Hawaii and the birds :)

December: Went to Leavenworth for the tree lighting, enjoyed family and friend time thru the holidays, and celebrated Sienna's first Christmas!!

I think that about covers it.  (If I forgot something you can blame it on the fact that Sienna has been waking up at 4AM.)  Thank you 2012 for brining us our beautiful, loving daughter and all the wonderful memories and experiences.  We look forward to seeing what 2013 has in store for us!  I hope it is winning the lottery and spending more time in Hawaii...but that is just me. :)  Cheers!

Love the Turners
NYE 2012 in Cle Elum, WA

Monday, January 14, 2013

10 months...what?

So we are 10 days late on this post...but whatev.  Sienna, I get it, you are getting older but I want you to stay little.  You are opening our eyes to a whole new world.  When you discover something new, you light up with curiosity.  We are now looking at things differently, looking thru your new beautiful blue eyes and it is so fun to see things in a new light.  You are such a sweet girl and love to see your grandmas, grandpas and uncles and give hugs and kisses all the time.  You are officially becoming a kid.  So weird.

Things you have been up to this month:
  • You saw snow for the first time when you went to Leavenworth for the tree lighting
  • You went sledding in Cle Elum
  • You say Ohhhhh Ohhh a lot still and tsst and tuh.  You also talk a lot in a different language.  We are trying to figure out what you are saying.
  • You had you first Christmas and you got spoiled
  • You love to play catch, some of your favorite toys are a football and little bouncy balls
  • You may have a future as an Olympic soccer player because you can dribble a ball with your feet better than your mama.
  • You still love to walk and run around the house holding onto our hands
  • One of your favorite games is tag and you squeal with excitement and laugh really hard when you get caught!
  • You are officially army/scoot crawling
  • You still have not been sleeping that great but you have made some improvements
  • You are eating a lot more adult food and you really like satsumas and bread (hmm, wonder where you get that from? :))
  • When we say where is Mommy/Daddy you know which one to look at.  You also know who Addie Bella is too (your cabbage patch).
  • You are a little intimidated of big stuffed animals and you have to warm up a bit before you get close.
  • You still throw a little tantrum when you get your diaper or clothes changed
  • You are in 9-12 month clothing and #4 diapers
  • Your learning how to say "all done" in sign almost got it
  • You still pull and suck on mommy's hair.  We need to break you of that habit.
  • You have 6 big chompers

I can't explain how much we love is just this feeling that we can't get enough of.  You complete us, Sienna Hope.  Can't wait for so many more new experiences coming your cake on your first birthday!
working on your toe touch!


teeth! 4 on top, 2 on bottom

10 Months!

I want you!

Sweet girl

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Our Rock

Grandpa Carl Ivar Ostrom 6/15/1918-1/1/2013

As I sit here and begin to write this...I don't even know where to start.  My grandpa was one of, if not, THE most amazing man I have ever met.  He truly was a person that so many people looked up to.  Whether it be for advice, information, how to get somewhere (he was great with directions!), a person to go to for help...he was always there.  I have never known someone who can recollect the past as fast and as accurately as he did.  You could ask him when my brother hit a grandslam in a baseball game and he could tell you the how old Nick was and place that he did it!  He was amazing like that.  He always remembers birthdays and our family is HUGE so that is a feat in itself.  He even was giving my cousin Carlee a hard time for missing a birthday that was in August.  Carlee was thinking really hard since she is the only one with an August birthday in the fam and she went thru almost all the names and finally my grandpa said "it was Sienna's 5 month birthday!"  Duh! Sheesh Carlee get it together! :)

My grandpa loved his family...I mean really LOVED every stinking one of us.  He made hundreds of trips to graduations, sports games, dance recitals, and anything that involved his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Always supporting us in what we did.  He truly lived every one of his 94 years to the fullest.  He made the most of his time here and made an impact on his family, friends, community and the world.  He made it a better place and even though we thought he would outlive us all I think he was ready to go and be with the love of his life, my grandma. 

This last year, he seriously cleaned his house.  You see, my grandma was what you would call a "hoarder".  But my grandpa is so organized that when my grandma passed he went to town going up and down stairs from the attic to the basement (with one good hand! since he had a stroke he hasn't been able to use his right hand) making sure that he got everything out, given to the appropriate family members and organizing the entire house.  I don't know if he was doing it because he knew that his time here was short or that he didn't want the family to have to deal with the sorting of the house after he was gone.  He never wanted to be a burden.

When my grandpa fell a couple days before Christmas, he crawled from his room to the living room with a broken hip to call my parents.  He was that STRONG of a man.  I thought for sure when I heard that he had fallen that he would be ok, and he was until after surgery where something must of gone wrong.  He wasn't fully responding for a little more than a week and we still had a glimmer of hope that he would pull thru but I think my grandma was calling for him "Carl!!!  Get up here so we can play some pinochle!" and so he went.  But when he passed he was surrounded by his children and they said he went peacefully.  We all were lucky enough to go and visit in the hospital numerous times and tell him everything we wanted to say.  But that doesn't take away the pain of losing such an inspiring, loving, stand up man that he was.

I feel so blessed that I was chosen to be one of his many grandchildren.  He was our rock in the family.  Always holding us all together thru the good times and bad.  He kept us all grounded.  We all know that he will be smiling down on us from Heaven and we will definitely keep his strong spirit alive.  For someone who was 94 he had an impact on each and every person he met.

I love you so much!!  I can still remember all the times you picked me up, went to my games, came to my rescue and were always interested in what I had going on in my life.  You never let me enter or leave your house without a hug.  And even when you were struggling to get around and up from your chair you still made a point to hug me and you always would walk me to the door and wave from the porch and not leave the porch until you knew I was driving away safely.  I am selfish and I didn't want you to go but I understand that you are in a better place.  You are making that place ten times better than it already is.  Say hi to Uncle John, Aunt Jill and Grandma for us...we miss them terribly too.  Love you with all my heart.

Your Favorite *Grandchild :)

*My family will get that joke :)